Its All Different Now

by Andrew Johnson


More, on its way.
But for now. Truth? Sure.
I am a traveling soul, always changing, in movement and stillness constantly, living..
This is musical medicine, spiralling straightforward, around and around.
Be that which you are, everlasting light and powerful in ways we don't even imagine.
We are the spectrum of love, and this is that of the expressive reality of a wanderer.
Hip hop, folk, fusion, stream of consciousness, move yo' body music, soul, blues, really just another something, completely different all together - unique like everything else - and beautiful.
Its a psychedelic experience arising and passing through sound, into so many styles and shapes and forms.
I am gone to these roots to nourish and cultivate my whole, and to allow my vision of what is happening to soon come through me. I am here and there and everywhere. I will be returning with much more magic and tricks.
Now - rah rah oochie wala !
I Love You
I See You
Thank You


released 16 May 2014



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Andrew Johnson

Andrew Johnson is an artist originally from the Ottawa Valley, traveling around and living in BC.
Spiraling straightforward, around and around. This is that of the expressive reality of a wanderer.
Folk, blues, jazz, gypsy soul, and something completely different all together - a sort of psychedelic experience, a unique fusion of the many styles and genres that shape our creative perspectives
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